The Diving Book Launch

Helen Walne’s The Diving Launched at The Book Lounge with Karin Schimke

The launch of The Diving by Helen Walne at The Book Lounge was a moving event, with many in the audience resonating powerfully with what was discussed.

The author was joined by Karin Schimke, poet and Cape Times books editor, in a candid and funny discussion. Welcoming the author was The Book Lounge owner Mervyn Sloman, who described The Diving as “compelling, insightful, brave, revealing and honest … at its core, the book is a beautiful and sad love story. And as we know, not all love stories end well”.

Karin Schimke and Helen WalneThe DivingSchimke praised Walne as one of the best columnists in South Africa, possessing a clarity of vision and the talent to translate it into words that powerfully connected her to readers. “She sees quirky things inside the mundane, and beauty inside ugliness. Because of that clarity what she writes is often outrageously funny, causing some tannies to sputter with anger. There are no boundaries to what she’ll talk about.”

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