Podcast: Helen Walne Discusses the Taboo Topic of Choosing Suicide

Podcast: Helen Walne Discusses Writing About the Taboo Topic of Choosing Suicide in The Diving

Award-winning columnist Helen Walne’s book The Diving describes how her brother had been so intent on taking his own life that no amount of love or number of threats from his family could dissuade him. “I wish he was still here but in some strange way I almost have some respect for his decision,” she told John Maytham in an interview on 567 Cape Talk.

Walne discusses writing about a person’s right to commit suicide, which is considered a taboo topic because of the inherent instinct for survival in most human beings.

She also speaks about dealing with a suicide in the family and letting go of the feeling that you “could have done more”. Walne says that finally, after years of coming to terms with her brother’s death, she is much kinder to herself.

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